Pulp Fiction: Understood or Misread?


Everyone knows what Pulp Fiction is, and the people who haven’t heard about, know this:
Pulp fiction dance
(License CC, Miramax Film company)
The movie is praised by many and Tarantino is one of the best American directors alive. All of his filmography is impeccable. From Reservoir Dogs, to Hateful Eight, Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds is his recent mainstream success. Even Death Proof considered his weakest film, is still great. But everyone agrees that Pulp Fiction is his Magnum Opus, why is that? Can a director’s second film be already his best?

I think so, and here’s why:

So, I’m talk about the story, the story is complicated one the casual viewers eye but with more than one viewing, it’s simple. Most importantly, the miracle that happens to Vincent and Jules, they get shot at from a close distance but they don’t even get hurt, Jules is certain that was a miracle from God but Vincent isn’t convinced, just “luck”.

Now, side note, people notice that when Vincent goes to the bathroom every time, something bad happens. Now they are half right, but it’s when Vincent washes his hands, When they kill Marvin, Jules washes his hands really thoroughly, while Vincent washes his hands really bad that he ruins the towels.

This is really crucial, because he did it bad but he washed his hands and gets saved by The Wolf. But when in the diner, he went to he bathroom again and he didn’t wash his hands, so The robbery occurs. On his date with Mia, he goes to the bathroom, doesn’t wash his hands and Mia overdoses with Heroin. Vincent even dies at the Bathroom in Butch’s place and for the same reason, he didn’t wash his hands. He’s the Only unfortunate one in the story since he doesn’t acknowledge that he must be dissolved from his sins by washing his hands. Because Jules goes to the bathroom after the part of the diner, and he’s alright as he has washed his sins, since in the diner he acknowledged the miracle and knows that if he stays for too long, he’ll end up dead, like Vincent ended up.

The diner is well set-up as the last part of the movie but the middle in chronologically, since is the part where Jules decides to leave the game, Vincent walks as a blind man even though he witnessed life changing experience, and Pumpkin and Honey Bunny score a lot of money, but are really changed.

Mia and Vincent’s story, this one in particular is the most popular one. It’s curious how a night can become a disaster so fast. Vincent goes on a date with Mia in Jack Rabbit Slims, as they go they have this romantic tension the whole night, even when they get home he even talks about the uncomfortable silence and Mia looks at him and says ” I don’t know what that is”. Now when he goes to the bathroom, all is good, when he finishes and says to himself what he’s going to do, he doesn’t wash his hands and Mia finds the heroin in his jacket. She overdoses and almost dies, another miracle that Vincent isn’t convinced that he should leave as Jules did.

Now last and definitely not least, Butch’s story. His story is with the theme of redemption, since he redeemed himself on everyone’s eyes. Since he killed his opponent and leaves the Boxing match, he just wanted to leave with Fabienne. But he wanted his family watch, and as he has the watch he actually gets in better terms with everyone, he kills Vince and saves Marsellus Wallace and leaves on good terms with him, even kills two hillbilly rapists. Butch’s is different, he never acknowledges the miracles that occur to him, but he doesn’t deny them as Vincent did.


In minute 4:35, You can clearly see that was a Miracle.

The original description of the script was:

“Three stories… about one story”.

And it can be interpreted in different ways with Religious, redemption, etc. Themes. The movie really did work because we’re still talking about and no one want’s a sequel, it will ruin the magic of this acclaimed masterpiece.


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