10 Underrated Movies

10. Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Kingdom of Heaven is an underrated masterpiece in my opinion, the problem is that Scott while making this film there was various Studio interference and they always said it was too long. And the theatrical cut is really bad, it’s like watching a good movie with no meaning or heart. But the Director’s cut has to be one of the best medieval films of all-time and it explores so much of the characters that makes you notice that a 3 hour movie is always better.



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9. Centurion (2010)

Not a masterpiece but pretty underrated, really great cinematography, interesting and memorable characters. It’s not a bad movie on the contrary it had all the elements of being a blockbuster. It’s a tragedy because it barely made half of what they spent, maybe because of bad marketing it didn’t do so well. The best this movie has going for it was the acting, cinematography, action and the accuracy.


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8. A Ghost Story (2017)

Have you ever seen an artistically beautiful film? this is just purely perfection that just can’t be summarized in words. Many will say it’s pretentious but it’s too perfect to not have heart. One of the most passed on movie of last year, it’s criminal to think that this movie is bad.



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7. Watchmen (2009)

Another movie falls victim to the director’s cut and theatrical cut debacle, but this one is more rough because it has THREE versions, Theatrical cut, Director’s cut and Ultimate Cut. (The comparisons are here and here) I have never seen the Ultimate cut but from the comparisons I’ve read, it’s like the Director’s cut but with the animated Tales of the Black Freighter movie. Now I love the Director’s cut, but the theatrical isn’t that bad. But if you want to watch it with definitive experience, the Director’s cut is the way to go. This movie was ahead of it’s time, if it was released now, it would be so much more appreciated because of the MCU.



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6. Good Time (2017)

You can’t make an underrated movie list without mentioning at least two A24 movie and this is one of them (The other one was A Ghost story). I don’t know why but this movie reminds me of a GTA storyline, because it feels like a video game but specifically GTA. It’s super interesting, emotional, perfect, awesome and much more things. Robert Pattinson just proved he’s a great actor in my eyes with this movie. Wildly underrated and I actually think he would’ve been at least nominated if it was more well-known. Because he really did steal the show every second on screen.



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5. Jackie Brown (1997)

An Oscar nominated Tarantino movie underrated? Yeah, I know but it’s the most underrated from his filmography. With greats like Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, etc. It was bound that a great movie from his filmography was going to be over shadowed, but I’m not mad, I just think this should be held up as high as the other greats too.


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4. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

What is considered Wes Anderson’s worst movie, is actually my personal favorite, I admit The Grand Budapest Hotel is his Magnum Opus. But there isn’t a movie that has had me more emotional investment than Life Aquatic and it’s perfect in every way for me. The best part is David Bowie in the majority of the soundtrack and Portuguese versions of songs of David Bowie.



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3. Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)

If you doubt that Vince Vaughn can act and want to see him give a powerhouse serious performance with a little hint of dead pan dry comedy. Than look no further, it’s an amazing interesting action grindhouse real/surreal movie (You’ll get what I mean with surreal if you watch it). The fact that not much people know about this movie saddens me, it’s use of practical effects is brilliant, wide shots perfectly constructed and wow is that action really something. Great story that makes you care for the characters and feels so real.

brawl in cell block

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2. Inherent Vice (2014)

Two more left to go and mentioning now what is considered one of the greatest directors working right now, Paul Thomas Anderson. It isn’t weird this movie wasn’t received well because it tried to do something new with the detective noir genre. It’s weird because the protagonist isn’t a saint or not even relatable, he does questionable actions but at the end of the day he’s still trying to solve the mystery. As always Paul stick true to the novel and that’s why much people don’t get it because the novel is equally as confusing. You have to watch it more than once to understand it’s brilliancy and I’m not saying that to sound pretentious, you just can’t judge a movie of being a masterpiece or being god awful without watching it more than once.

inherent vice

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1. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Last but not least the most underrated Adam Sandler movie is also one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s finest works. It’s depressing yet hopeful, timeless yet modern, the movie never ceases to amaze me and PTA neither. A power house performance from a guy who is now known to be killing comedy. It’s such a great film that it’s a burden to me that it’s not that well-known. It’s one of my personal favorites and quite certainly will be a timeless classic to me and many others. It’s crazy the things we do for love.


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Hope you all liked my list, film is a passion of mine and sometimes some movies don’t get the love they deserve. They are underrated to me for different reasons, some are hated which should be loved, others are not known or heard of and some between that.


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